Sailing and Champagne

Sailing is like drinking champagne. In the sense that it is stylish, enchanting and can be practiced at any time and without limitation of upper age (a French friend of mine would say /about drinking it / “It is best to be done all the time and without any reason”).

Either sailing smoothly through the wind and the waves, caused by the secondary processes of sunshine, or sipping slowly the precious liquid, fizzling like a sea with the playful bubbles coming up from the secondary fermentation in the bottle, you experience the same intoxicating enchantment. This is the enchantment of the purposeful movement of your boat through the endless ocean wilderness. Because when you sail offshore (especially after the first few days), you feel free of all earthly bothers and you are dangerously enchanted (or distressed) by the consciousness of being free to the point of helplessness. There is no doctor, dentist (you do not need a lawyer), no roadside assistance, no policeman, even no facebook. And yelling for help is useless. Neptune is deaf to the helpless, he even hates them. He swallows them nonchalantly, albeit with some aversion to their helplessness. So, if you’re in big trouble in the middle of the ocean and you can’t manage by yourself, do not call for help. Better open a bottle of champagne and die like a gentleman. Die in style! But statistically it is unlikely to happen. At least because if you are going to die in the middle of the ocean, you most probably will be alone and over board, stuck in the cold water, panicked and appalled by the awareness of your imminent death … and there will be no bottle of champagne around you. Moreover, as we have seen, in the civilized seas and oceans the aid is available and timely. And thank God!

Take it easy! I have not drunk too many glasses. Only a little bit of black humour. Therefore, I would like to make it clear that I do not consider the offshore sailing as suicidal enterprise. There are far more dangers on land than those in the water. If you possess the proper level of seamanship and you and your boat are both well prepared, you will not need to experience such a “gentleman’s” end. You will not feel helplessness, and the delight will come from overcoming this natural feeling when you are in the big water, the enchantment of your ability to sail the distance from point A to point B, no matter what surprises Neptune will bring along the journey, especially when your passage is offshore and long enough with no view of land. And then comes the champagne to decorate these sublime moments of sailing. It will also be a sacrifice to honor Neptune and your achievement which is greater than you.

There is also the so called Champagne sailing, as is considered reaching in light breezes and almost flat seas. Generally gentleman’s coolness. You know the saying “Gentlemen never sail to windward”. Champagne sailing happens from time to time because even Neptune loves champagne even though not being a gentleman.

Otherwise, when on land, you can drink champagne at any time and without the need of being a gentleman.



They asked Madame Lily Bollinger, an iconic historic proprietor of the renowned champagne house, what should be the occasions for drinking champagne. Here is her answer:

Traditionally champagne can be drunk without any food. But it can pair well with caviar, shrimp cocktail, chocolate and other deserts. A few days ago we tried with popcorn and it was great!

Happy New Year to everybody!



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