This blog is written by me, Rumen Kotov, born in Burgas, on the Black Sea coast, living and working as a lawyer in Sofia. Though being not young enough as I wish, I have a never ending passion to sail on my sailboat whenever I can and to share through this blog my sailing adventures and thoughts.

In the recent past I was fortunate to sail my former /alas / sailboat Furia with some of the best Bulgarian sailors, Mikhail Kopanov and Dian Zaykov, who became my friends. In the early summer of 2017 both of them did an epic sailing in the transatlantic race Ostar / Tustar, leading in their class, but alas, my boat Furia did not withstand to Neptune’s test and sank 250 nautical miles from Newfoundland in the cold waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. There her northern viking heart stopped beating and mine was broken. Fortunately, the crew was rescued in good time. Throughout the summer of 2017, it was hard for me for cope with the demise of my beloved Furia and to this day the emotional wound of her loss is not healed. But as is commonplace to state, life goes on, and so does the sailing. Man’s heart is strong enough to be broken many times. And I hate that but it is a fact. The King is dead, Long live then King! Furia sank, Krone 1 jumped up conveniently in the sea of ​​my unfulfilled dreams. That’s why I resumed the old blog under a different name And I will keep running it, whether on land, or (if lucky) in the sea ….. and I will try to write as honestly as possible about my sailing adventures and my thoughts. Amicos Plato sed magis amica veritas!



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